Mail: Stuart.Herrington@gmail.com
Twitter: @sjhillustration
Instagram: @sjhillustration

I’m a Sheffield based illustrator, graduating from The University of Lincoln in 2013. I’ve worked various jobs since graduating, and done various projects with my illustration. Still developing my work and style as I go along.

I’m currently working a full time job, which involves me Photographing Jewellery, designer bags and other valuables. My job also includes managing media, social and multiple websites, as well as working on the store front. This has left me with little time to illustrate. Therefore I am currently on Hiatus and won’t be able to commit to your projects. In my spare time, which is walking to and from work, I’ve stared taking a lot of photographs on my film cameras – the collection of which is ever growing. The main reason for this is because I can’t draw whilst walking. Picking up my sketchbook to do street studies, as well as photographing on the street is really where I’d like to be when I have a little more time.

I’ve also been very slowly working on personal projects, the main being writing a graphic novel which I will hope to illustrate upon completion of the story and script, when I have the time.

If you’d care to see my work, please take a look around my website, which I will slowly start to redesign and update in small increments. And I also still have Illustrated items of Lincoln Cathedral being sold inside the Cathedral and via their online shop. So please take a look if you love Lincoln.