Hello, world.

I’m Stuart and this is my website for my illustrations. I currently live and work in Sheffield. When I’m not working on my graphic novel, I can be found roaming the city streets with my film cameras.

I’ve produced illustrations of Lincoln Cathedral that have been sold as prints and on merchandise in the Cathedral shop.

Feel free to look around my website, more work will be added soon.

Thanks, Stuart.

Lincoln Cathedral Mug illustration

My Graphic Novel

Whilst working a job since October 2016, I’ve been writing a graphic novel in my spare time.

What started out as a simple character idea, slowly developed into a full blown story and world.

It often was only as little as 15 minutes a day, then momentum kicked it. Sitting down was always the hardest part, but I would easily succeed 15 minutes once I got going. On my day off from work – I would spend it at Union St, a co-working space in Sheffield city center where I would write for 6 or more hours.

It’s taken me 2 and a half years to get to – what can be considered the half-way point. The writing is ‘done’, essentially. I’ve reached 51008 words and 256 pages of multiple drafts, cutting and refining the story and dialogue.

The last edit is part of the drawing process, as the visual side of it can change the narrative somewhat as to what’s visually possible, as well as dictate the length in it’s entirety.

Whilst doing the more recent edits, I broke up that time with some drawing. And now I’m essentially drawing the thumbnails for the story in my spare time. This preliminary work will be available to view on my website, and will have more updates and announcements over the next few years.