Breaking Bad Illustration

Breaking bad illustration With Jesse Pinkman, Walter White and their SUV

This is an illustration I decided to do after finally re-watching Breaking Bad after the first time many years ago. The idea summed up how I felt Walt treated Jesse, and how their business ‘expanded’ so quickly. I mean, they get thrown into the deep end pretty much straight away, and Walt and Jesse’s relationship is tested continuously through the 5 series.

Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows ever made, and probably will be for a long time. Along with a couple of other TV shows, Breaking Bad really started to set precedent to how a long format, well written and produced series can actually set the bar for entertainment. In a time when most film actors weren’t interested in TV, it’s now one of the best formats for telling stories and has grown a lot in both quality and fan base, with big screen actors taking the medium of TV more seriously as a result.

Is featured in the book by the creators of Breaking Bad, showcasing the artwork by fans of the show.

99.1% Pure Breaking Bad Art (2021) By Titan Books, ISBN: 9781789097788