I’ve been shooting film photography on a daily basis since the beginning of 2017. While first picking up a camera at college and then University, taking photos became a great way for me to walk more and use my spare time for something creative.

Once I learnt more about how a camera worked (the exposure triangle), shooting film on a daily basis became easy and fun. I can often be found walking the streets of Sheffield shooting vintage cameras from the 50’s that still work perfectly today.

I’ve also worked Photography into jobs, that included photographing bands, and have worked as an eCommerce photographer since 2016, which consisted of mainly Jewellery, and designer handbags.

I mostly shoot Street Photography around Sheffield, usually on Black and White Film, however I shoot occasionally in colour.

You can find a selection of my photo albums below.

Black & White Street Photography
Colour Street Photography
Misc Photography
Sheffield General Cemetery
Sheffield General Cemetery