Misc Photographs

Miscellaneous photographs taken on film. Mostly photos of daily life, people or places. A mixture of 35mm and 120 film. Photo’s include panoramic and some shots from Barlborough, my home village.

Vintage Model Lauren Jade, Sheffield. Yashica Mat.
1958 Ford Fairlane Convertable, Sheffield. Bronica ETRS.
Tree felling, Sheffield. Bronica ETRS.
Re-claimers, Sheffield. Canon P Rangefinder.
Shop Local, Sheffield. Canon P Rangefinder.
Special Brew, Sheffield. Canon A1.
General Cemetery, Sheffield. Canon A1.
Barista, Steam Yard. Sheffield. Yashica Mat.
Sandwich Hound, Steam Yard, Sheffield. Canon P Rangefinder.
Radley and Morgan, Steam Yard, Sheffield. Yashica Mat.
Ferris Wheel, Sheffield. Bronica ETRS, 35mm Panoramic.
Carnival Ride. Sheffield. Bronica ETRS, 35mm Panoramic.
Piano, Virgin Money, Sheffield. Bronica ETRS, 35mm Panoramic.
Church in the Mist. Barlborough. Yashica Mat.
Cross Headstone, Barlborough. Yashica Mat.
Grave Memorial, Barlborough. Bronica ETRS.
Leonardo DaVinci exhibition. Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. Bronica ETRS, 35mm Panoramic.
Wine Coolers, Sheffield. Yashica Mat.
Women of Steel Statue, Sheffield. Yashica Mat.
Life Model, Sheffield. Canon P Rangefinder
Branching off. Sheffield.
Canon P Rangefinder.
Skaters on a break. Sheffield. Yashica Mat.
Playing Fields, Barlborough. Bronica ETRS.
Playing Fields 2, Barlborough. Bronica ETRS.
Lonely Reader. Sheffield. Yashica Mat.
Abandoned Child’s bicycle. Sheffield.
Canon Demi EE17.