Stuart is a Sheffield based Illustrator, Artist & Designer, working freelance and graduating from the University of Lincoln, with work based on Lincoln Cathedral.

His work is quirky, fun and has a lot of character. He grew up watching cartoons and films from all over the world, and has a love for vintage fashion and design.

When not working, he can be found wandering the streets of Sheffield taking photographs of the city and people – using 60 year old film cameras of all types and sizes.

His favourite TV show is Mad Men, as the 1960’s is his favourite era – he thinks the 50’s are pretty boss too, but things got a little looser and freer in the swinging 60’s. It’s also a golden age of design, which is often seen as superior in many ways compared to the throwaway culture and endless slew of technological upgrades. A film camera that still works 60 years later, with as much quality and more character than digital? Yes.

He thinks the cars are pretty amazing too. He doesn’t drive however.

He also thinks books are the best medium. He doesn’t read though. He’s trying to read more.

He loves cats. But he thinks dogs are better (because they care and aren’t ignorant) 

His favorite;

  • Way to draw: iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. (Or Pen & Ink)
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy
  • Film format: 35mm, but bigger is better.
  • Camera: Canon P Rangefinder from 1958
  • Film(s): Kodak Ultramax 400, Ilford HP5+
  • Photographer: Joel Meyerowitz
  • Director: The Cohen Brothers
  • Cinema: 8 1/2, The Big Lebowski, Ratatouille, 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Ben & Jerry’s: The one with the chocolate brownie.
  • Pizza: Dr Oetker.