Stuart is a Sheffield based Illustrator, Artist & Designer, working freelance and graduating from the University of Lincoln, with work based on Lincoln Cathedral.

His work is quirky, fun and has a lot of character. He grew up watching cartoons and films from all over the world, and has a love for vintage fashion and design.

When not working, he can be found wandering the streets of Sheffield taking photographs of the city and people – using 60 year old film cameras of all types and sizes.

His favourite TV show is Mad Men, as the 1960’s is his favourite era – he thinks the 50’s are pretty boss too, but things got a little looser and freer in the swinging 60’s. It’s also a golden age of design, which is often seen as superior in many ways compared to the throwaway culture and endless slew of technological upgrades. A film camera that still works 60 years later, with as much quality and more character than digital? Yes.

His favorite;

  • Way to draw: iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. (Or Pen & Ink)
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy
  • Camera: Canon P Rangefinder from 1958
  • Film(s): Kodak Ultramax 400, Ilford Delta
  • Photographer: Joel Meyerowitz
  • Director: The Cohen Brothers
  • Cinema: The Big Lebowski, Ratatouille, 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Seinfeld or Friends: Both
  • Ben & Jerry’s: The one with the chocolate brownie.
  • Pizza: Dr Oetker. Ristorante.