Lincoln Cathedral with Red Arrows

Lincoln Cathedral digital illustration artwork featuring the Red Arrows Lincolnshire
Digital Illustration, sold as a limited edition print.

Lincoln Cathedral wit Red Arrows was created as part of a brief by the Cathedral itself, and Cygnet ink – which was an initiative that began during University to create links and opportunities for Lincoln art and illustration students.

The brief itself was to create a piece of artwork of Lincoln Cathedral, to be sold as a Limited edition print in the Cathedral’s Minster shop. The manager of the shop would have the final say on the prints to be sold, and any final changes they wanted.

The illustration was created using Adobe Photoshop. The image is made up of shapes known as vectors, which was used to create the buildings and to use as a flat colour (a little like painting when you block in the base colours).

The illustration is also made up of hundreds of layers of photographic textures and small elements to create the architectural details.

One of the main issues was balancing the colours to work well together, there wasn’t an initial colour pallet in mind, but it was tweaked until it felt right. There was also minor composition changes to the final illustration, to give more authority to the Cathedral itself.

Although there was no specific inspiration for this illustration, I’d certainly been thinking a lot about Charles Keeping’s work, specifically his colour illustrations.