Shoot Film Design with Leica

Digital design of a Leica film camera with 35mm film and Neon Shoot Film text
Shoot Film, Digital illustration / Design.

Here’s a self initiated illustration combining my love for shooting film photography, made into a fancy design. The goal was to create something striking and almost iconic to be printed on apparel or similar items. It was illustrated using Affinity Designer on the iPad Pro 10.5”, with small parts done in Procreate, then finished on my Desktop with Photoshop to make the design print-ready.

The theme was to do something fancy with elements that are recognisable to someone who may shoot, or have shot film at some point in their life. Even though it’s not considered a mainstream way of photographing, it’s value as a medium has grown amongst many of us, choosing it over digital, where possible.

I decided to use a Leica M4 for the camera of choice, which isn’t just an iconic camera, but also has the retro vibes that people associate with film photography (Despite there being many great and technologically advanced film cameras into the 2000’s).

I created a bed of film boxes sprawled out behind the camera to give it bursts of colour to contrast with the camera’s chrome finish. And the 35mm film surrounds the camera, creating an expressive Design to frame the camera.

Shoot film is a slogan used by many film photographers on social media platforms like Instagram, so It was a powerful and recognisable message for the illustration. It was hand drawn and made to look like a neon sign, as film photographers, we love neon signs. It really finishes the illustration and adds an interesting dynamic.

The illustration took some time to make, as there were plenty of small details I wanted to get right, for accuracy and representation. The film streaming out was the hardest part, trying to come up with a practical way to make it flow, adding the frames and loads of sprockets. So it was hand drawn and I used a variety of masks to create the sprockets and frames.