Greetings from Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral greeting digital illustration art featuring dove

This is the second illustration created for Lincoln Cathedral and Cygnet Ink, the first being the print of Lincoln Cathedral with Red Arrows – where the brief was to create an artwork for a small line of merchandise. Unlike the previous brief, only a single artists work would be used and sold, and my illustration was picked.

The theme of this brief was fairly straightforward, another piece of artwork of the cathedral, to be printed on a mug, postcard and greetings card, to be sold in the Cathedral’s Minster Shop, and must revolve around the idea of ‘Greetings’.

After creating the Lincoln Cathedral with Red Arrows illustration, I wanted to do something in a similar style, but it really had to be something different. In my time studying at the University of Lincoln, I remembered hearing about Peregrine Falcons that were roosting on the roof, something that had been in all the local newspapers and on TV.

So I created this almost isometric view of the Cathedral with the idea of a Falcon holding the ribbon with the greeting on it. However, when I submitted the artwork, the feedback was great but they requested it to be changed to a Dove, which was understandable and ultimately was the right decision.

This illustration again, was made entirely in Adobe Photoshop, using a series of vectors (flat shapes) to block in the cathedral. And a series of textures and elements to create the cathedral details.

The colours in this illustration were kept a little more pastel, as there were less physical elements as only the Cathedral was featured. Formatting the illustration for 3 different layouts (a mug, postcard and greetings card) took a little time, but was mostly just re-arranging the dove and ribbon.