Ancient Greek Trophies

Ancient Greek mythology illustration art medusa cyclops Minotaur mermaid siren trophy huntress
Ancient Greek Trophies, Digital. Procreate, iPad Pro.

This illustration is based on ideas related to my Graphic novel, as it features Ancient Greek Mythological creatures as part of a gladiatorial style game.

The idea comes from one of the characters being a champion at the game, and this is a concept around her in her study / down time, with the mythological creatures as trophies decorating the wall.

The choice of the creatures / monsters came down to recognisability and if they worked in the illustration itself. So we have a Cyclops, Minotaur, Medusa and a Siren.

The main issue really was making them recognisable, specifically the Siren, which is basically a mermaid in more modern literature. The only way to make it work was to have the tail as a second trophy, due to it not being recognisable as just a head.

One of the other problems with Ancient Greek Mythology, the monsters tend to be hybrids of creatures, often human heads on a body, or other heads on a creatures body, like a Chimera – making it a little difficult to make a recognisable monster by just it’s head.

Illustrated using the iPad Pro and Procreate.