Stuart Herrington Illustrator Portrait

Stuart is a Sheffield Illustrator, Artist & Designer, working freelance and graduating from the University of Lincoln, with work based on Lincoln Cathedral.

Based in Sheffield and freelancing as an illustrator, I graduated the University of Lincoln with a 2.1 in Illustration, my work is bright and colourful with quirky characters. My work is often aimed at children of all ages, but I can also be found illustrating mature illustrations and editorials. I’ve recently produced artwork that is been sold by Lincoln Cathedral, one as a print, and another used on multiple pieces of merchandise.

I’m currently freelance – but most of my time was taken up by working as a marketing designer for a local business. I’ve also been working on my Photography skills and have developed an eye for live music and street photography. I also use a lot of photography in my illustrations, taking photos of textures and objects to collage into my artwork.

I was based at Union St, a shared workspace in the heart of Sheffield where I was networking and illustrating, working alongside other small businesses in many different fields. I’ve also collaborated to do pieces of work for Union st, which can be found on my website here: https://sjhillustration.com/union-street

I’ve also recently finished a marketing internship at a Sheffield photographers studio.

As a child I used to spend a lot of my time drawing instead of going outside. This hasn’t changed much since going to University. Though – I have always been a fairly well rounded artist, not just an illustrator. Which has certainly helped me developing a certain taste for political, fine art, film and photography.