Study 01

So, I’ve been working pretty solid in 2017 with my job. Though I’ve been using most of my free time exploring film photography and writing my graphic novel. In November 2017 (obvs) I made the decision after thinking a lot about it, to upgrade from the Surface Pro 2 to the iPad Pro 10.5″. The obvious choice was to go for the new Surface Pro (5) that came out last year. It’s a wonderful capable line of computers, but the issues I had with the Pro 2 late in it’s life made it unusable for drawing, and I knew that the later Ntrig Surface Pro’s still had issues, I couldn’t justify the price (which was double my 256gb iPad Pro) for a lesser drawing experience as well as the potential issues later on, similar to my Pro 2.

So, with the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate I’ve started doing studies to get me back into illustrating! (I’ve also been doing comics as practice)