My Illustrations for Lincoln Cathedral

At the beginning of the year (2016) I finished my first illustration to be sold as a print by an establishment, Lincoln Cathedral and their Minster Shop. the illustration was created for a competition by Cygnet Ink, a hardworking individual called Jess who’s goal is to help illustrators and maintain a business that’s successful in promoting local artists and the sale of that artwork. Based in Lincoln, Cynget Ink was formed at the end of our University year by a group of student’s looking to publish a group book of illustrations for a souvenir and hope to bring support to future illustration students after we left – which is fantastic! Jess has spent subsequent years helping the other students, with advice and competition briefs to take part in creating art for Lincoln and beyond.

My first illustration for the Minster shop was ‘Lincoln Cathedral with Red Arrows‘ (see below) – of which I’m lucky enough to have sold at leas ta quarter of the limited edition prints so far! It’s very humbling to know that people love your work and share a passion for something you care about – Lincoln Cathedral.

Lincoln Cathedral illustration with Red Arrows
Lincoln Cathedral with Red Arrows, Digital illustration and collage.

In the weeks after this illustration went on sale, another two competitions were launched for the Lincoln Cathedral by Cygnet Ink, I was unfortunately unable to submit an illustration for the Poppies competition, however I cleared my schedule and made sure to create something for this other Cathedral competition before it was too late. the competition is primarily a Postcard illustration – however it’s also intended to be used as merchandise for multiple other items. After a few weeks of waiting patiently – I can confirm I won this competition! Hurrah! 😀

The illustration below is currently what is planned to be making it’s way to print, please take a look 🙂

Lincoln Cathedral illustration dove aerial ribbon gift print postcard
Greetings from Lincoln Cathedral, Digital Illustration, 2016.

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