Union Street – Sheffield

Since using Union Street in Sheffield as one of it’s shared co-space workers, I started helping with some pieces of illustration to help support information regarding Union Street itself. These illustrations are slightly different than my normal ones, due to keeping the colours to the Union St palette. It is the same process as I would normally do, instead of adding textures, I’ve made the shapes and angles a little more quirkier to add character to the illustrations, and the colours really work well together!

Lockers & Safety
Lockers & Safety
Being an accessible space, maintaining an area that's secure is vital. The guide discussed the lockers which were part of a comfy seating area which prompted this illustration. The lockers were missmatched, different sizes and colours which really helped bring some character to what could've been 'just lockers'. I came up with a vague idea of the lockers and this idea of it being a city scape sort of image, but Matt wasn't convinced, so I reconsidered the idea and added a upside-down horseshoe (badluck?) shape which turned it into a lock.
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