Union Street – Sheffield

Since using Union Street in Sheffield as one of it’s shared co-space workers, I started helping with some pieces of illustration to help support information regarding Union Street itself. These illustrations are slightly different than my normal ones, due to keeping the colours to the Union St palette. It is the same process as I would normally do, instead of adding textures, I’ve made the shapes and angles a little more quirkier to add character to the illustrations, and the colours really work well together!

Building Front
Building Front
An illustration of the front of the building, which used to be the council offices? It has a lot of windows! It's now home to Matt Hill who runs the Co-operative workspace in the Sheffield City Center, along with many start-up businesses and and self employed tennants. The first floor is used by small local businneses who provide useful services to members and to the public, including computer repairs and bike maintainance. But has also become known for it's regular cafe pop-ups including Twin Cafe and Pie Eyed.
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