"Legalizing the sex trade means state-approved, monetized gangbangs" - The Guardian, Opinion.
"Legalizing the sex trade means state-approved, monetized gangbangs" - The Guardian, Opinion.
Rupert Everett wants to legalise prostitution, but countries that have done so often uncover new, unexpected problems. The campaign to legalise prostitution has an advocate in the actor Rupert Everett. He has made a two-part series for Channel 4 called Love for Sale, in which he interviews prostitutes and punters; there are no pimps, of course, pimps being black-hearted with much to hide. Everett is obviously a romantic who romanticises what he finds because he is drawn to what his interviewee Russell Brand calls "maligned outsiders".
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Information on Editorial Illustration

What are editorial illustrations?
Editorial illustrations are a almost always created to belong with a piece of text – usually articles in newspapers or magazines, or online. They are an addition to the theme and content of the article,  illustrating / highlighting an important part of the editorial without being a direct literal copy of the text.

What is the purpose of an editorial illustration?
The purpose of an editorial illustration is to add a visual element to a particular story or article. It makes your articles stand out giving it more value to the reader and they look good too.

Is an editorial illustration worth having on my article?
In many cases yes, often photographs are used to illustrate an article, but in many ways an illustration can be better, you can influence an illustration you commission to look best for your article, where this cannot be done with a stock photograph. The uniqueness of having an illustration on your article will improve your website or blog by adding visual flair to your content, which most readers will appreciate.

What are the common subjects for an editorial illustration?
Common publications or articles which use editorial illustrations are usually hobby or craft subjects like sewing and cooking, political, news or opinion sections of newspapers, magazines or online articles, or tutorials for blogs and websites. Though there’s plenty of wide usage for editorial illustrations, they can be seen as a valuable addition to any content.

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