CC: Silver – Bird Knight

Silver Knight Phoenix illustration colour collective
Colour Collective: Silver, bird Knight. Digital, 2015

Colour Collective: Silver

This Silver Bird Knight was created for Twitters Colour Collective group, a weekly illustration challenge between artists.

Creating this Character I had a lot of different inspirations. Part knight and part spell / shaman. With less than a week for this along-side other works / commitments, I thought it would be good to keep the character simple, but I added a lot of details. The red and blue colours were a nice way to break up the silver and make the armor really stand out.

I also wanted to add a bird interacting with the character, I picked the legendary Phoenix – though a silver bird would’ve been a good idea, it probably would’ve clashed – and I also wouldn’t have been able to do the fire on the Phoenix’s tail.

This illustration is very much a fantasy inspired character, though not based on anything specific. All the details help create a believable character that could’ve been pulled out of medieval mythology.



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