How I Work

My illustrations are bespoke to your needs, as I interpret your ideas and requirements into the final illustration(s) for your personal or professional usage, with a license.

I am pleased with my illustrations, of which I’ve spent countless hours learning to do on. This has allowed me to learn specific skills and craft that makes my work original and helps it stand out. Which is why you should take note of the following;

I will not copy other peoples work.
This is fairly understandable, you’re hiring me not just as an illustrator – but as someone with a style that you like or feel would work suitably for your project. It would also be against copyright to use other peoples ideas. You may however own the intellectual property of something for your business and get other artists/designers/illustrators to work with it, whilst you still maintain the IP.

I won’t work in other people’s styles.
I have my own styles, of which I have been working with for a few years now, it’s unique, bright and fun and I hope this is why you’re interested in my illustrations. Depending on the theme of the project I can adapt, my website is an example of what my Illustrations look like and I won’t try to work completely differently for your project. If you’re looking for a different style, then please find an illustrator who works in that way.

I may not work on projects where I don’t agree with the subject matter.
My work is based on my approach and understanding, along with research and your project brief. However if the project is promoting something I am morally against, then please understand If I decline your project.