Commission Me

  • If you’re interested in hiring me as an illustrator for your project, please take note of a few important points;

  • You’re hiring me based on the work I create, not just because I’m an illustrator

  • I can’t copy other peoples artwork or style, just hire them instead

  • If your project is controversial, offensive or anti-science, I will likely refuse it
  • All work I create will have a licence, this is for both the use of, and/or ownership of the work (intellectual property). And depending on the project size, the use of illustration(s) or resale of work I create for you. (Basically the legal rights)

When contacting me regarding a commission, please think about the following points;

  • Where and how is the work I create going to be used?
    E.g. Is it a one off book, or a book that’s going into mass production?
  • What size does it need to be?
    E.g. Is it going to be a postage stamp, or a billboard?
  • What is the deadline for the work?
    E.g. Is it needed in two months or two days?
  • Do you have a budget?
    Knowing how much you’re willing, or able to spend is crucial to estimating the time used to create work.