Film Cameras & Photography

When I was a child, I used to enjoy looking through the family camera’s viewfinder. It was a simple, compact Kodak EKTRALITE 450 camera, with a 24mm lens and bright viewfinder with almost luminous Parallax and a cloud, sun or flash bolt above it depending on conditions. I was fascinated by it, though I don’t […]

Surface Pro 2 and Tablet PCs

Below is a video of me talking about my Surface Pro 2 and Tablet PC’s in general. I’ve been using them since university and have thoroughly enjoyed the experiance of working straight on-top of the screen, instead of using a traditional usb graphics tablet. The versatility of a device like the Surface Pro is also […]

The Importance of the ‘Learning’ Mindset

It’s easy to finish studying and assume we are now ready to just do what we’ve being ‘practicing’ for the last few years, but the teachings of your College and University are for a reason, consider it methodology for a good working practice. Sure, we all felt annoyed early on when we had to redo […]