James Dean Study

So, I scour Pinterest looking for black and white photos to do a study from, and I came across one of Jimmy D, I’d not seen any of his films, which isn’t much considering his short lived tragic life. However after drawing this study I managed to buy Rebel Without a Cause on Blu-ray, which […]

Canon Demi EE17 and Kodak Portra 400 film

I’ve recently been taking photo’s with a 1966 half frame camera, the Canon Demi EE17. I’d decided to use a high grade film, hoping to get some great quality – though maybe I should’ve just stuck to a cheaper film for the first roll, and would’ve probably gotten similar results in terms of quality. But […]

My Illustrations for Lincoln Cathedral

At the beginning of the year (2016) I finished my first illustration to be sold as a print by an establishment, Lincoln Cathedral and their Minster Shop. the illustration was created for a competition by Cygnet Ink, a hardworking individual called Jess who’s goal is to help illustrators and maintain a business that’s successful in […]